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First things first..Monster Wash soap dispensers DO NOT come with the soap inside them. What you are buying is the empty container with the really cool label attached, and the matching black pump. I'm not selling liquid soap! Only cool art labels on functional soap dispensers! Think how fun it will be to go out and find cool soap colors to use to make them uniquely yours! The images shown with colored soap are for example only..think of it as a "serving suggestion".

Monster Wash was started by me, ARTmuffin (aka Christopher Gendron) as a fun, horror alternative to all the cute and pretty fish and flower soap dispensers out there in the world. I've been working as a game artist and illustrator for years and thought this would be a fun and rewarding project to do for not only myself but all you other horror fans out there.


I'm a big fan of the horror genre and love to paint and illustrate a wide variety of the subject matter. It only made sense to me that I could not only have a lot of fun creating cool and strange soap labels but also make my bathroom soap dispenser a little more "my style" and not just be washing my dirty parts with the flowers and fish art. I want the BoneSoap! Or the Suds of Cthulhu! A true power to clean my filthy tentacles! What would Lovecraft do?

All those episodes of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt have melted into the Eerie mags, Twilight Zones, and countless hours of horror movies that I've spent my life on and we end up with some cool and fun soap dispensers. Hope you like them!